About Me

After a very spontaneous move to Boulder, Colorado and seeing mountains and snow for the first time, I was never going back!  I’m originally from Boca Raton, Florida, hence the no mountains or snow thing…beautiful beaches though!  I still can’t get enough of hiking and taking pictures to remember this experience, living in Colorado.  This photo blog was started out of my love for hiking and landscape photography, to capture memories and stories that happened along the journey. I quit my 9-5 about 2 years ago and traveled all over the world, which was sweet!  My friend was a flight attendant and I got whats called a “companion pass”.  This was a stand-by pass with a pretty popular airline. It was a Golden Ticket to travel.  I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by, I had to know what was out there.

Now, I’m back at my 9-5 and exploring as much as I possibly can!  If I have 2 days off a week, I’m going on 2 days worth of adventures.  I’m trying to go to all 59 National Parks in the USA, I’ve been to 39 as of this blog post, the 14th of July, 2017. I’ve been to 30/50 US States, 21/197 countries and 32/1007 UNESCO World Heritage Sites!