Alaska, AT LAST!



Alaska was a VERY SPECIAL place for me to visit.  I’ve always wanted to just never got around to doing it.  I was CHASING international travel and trying “bag” as many countries as I could, and fill my passport.  This trip was unique in another way as well, I wasn’t going SOLO!  My friend of many years, Ryan, came with me and that made the trip much more enjoyable and a week seem like 3 days.  After picking him up at the airport and a quick pint at the local pub, we were off to Arctic Adventure Hostel in Anchorage.  Ryan has never stayed in a hostel so this was definitely going to be a “different” kind of traveling experience for him.  I booked a private room to “break him in” to the hostel life. Needless to say, he was impressed and love it. The next morning we were off, traveling down the Seward Highway towards to the town of, you guessed it, Seward!



Another SUPER COOL thing along the Seward Highway in Alaska was this pipe coming straight out of the mountain and out of the glacier above to provide an UNLIMITED supply of super clean, super cold glacier water! I definitely capitalized on this opportunity even thought it took 15 minutes waiting in line to do so!  A bunch of locals come here with multiple HUGE 5 gallon jugs to fill!  #onlyinAlaska



We were going on the 8 hour National Park cruise with a stop at Fox Island for a Prime Rib/ Wild Salmon dinner buffet with Kenai Fjords Tour. BEST.IDEA.EVER. We saw a family of Killer Whales, which aren’t whales at all, humpback whales doing what they call “bubble netting” and even glaciers calving!  It was by far one of the BEST experiences I had traveling. We got super lucky, as the crew who goes everyday, said they haven’t seen Killer Whales in 2 weeks.  With a couple beers already down the hatch and a good buzz going, we were STOKED to be experiencing this awesome cruise first hand after reading so many reviews about it!  I’m a big fan of the national parks and actually made it my mission to visit ALL 59 of them before I’m 35 years old, so 5 years left!  The question I always get when I’m in the common room at the hostels is “which one is your favorite?”  My answer before was always Glacier National Park in Montana but it changed that day in Alaska.  Kenai Fjords National Park is my new favorite as of today, 8.9.15.


On our way back from Seward, driving north on the Seward highway, we stopped at Girdwood, Alaska.  Beautiful, scenic place in the Alaskan Mountains.  The 20 hours of sunlight was pretty awesome and we took complete advantage of the fact.  At around 11:00pm, we parked at the Winner Creek trail head and starting hiking towards the Hand Tram.  It sounded way to cool not to go.  We had Ryan’s drone and made a SUPER SWEET video…here’s the link if your bored and want to check it out! —-> .   After hiking to the Hand Tram and messing around with the drone we were exhausted and once again headed back to Ancourage and stayed at Arctic Adventure Hostel.



Next stop, The infamous “Dr. Seuss House” in Willow, Alaska.  We typed the address in the GPS and we were off!  The whole ride there we saw dirt bikes and four wheelers on the side of the road and became extremely jealous as each one just turned into the woods, probably into offroad heaven.  Upon arriving at the GPS coordinates we were shocked to see there was actually nothing there but NO TRESPASSING signs EVERYWHERE and a heavy duty, locked gate.  We had the genius idea of flying the drone over the property and seeing if we could see the odd looking house from above.  So after getting CHASED out of there by locals, we finally gave up and headed towards Denali Mountain Morning Hostel and Cabins.  On the way there we couldn’t help but stopping by a place we saw on Man Vs. Food in the small town of Talkeetna, Alaska.  The restaurant was West Rib Deli & Pub and it was AMAZING.  The sandwich was a monster!  When they delivered it to the table, you had to bow down or salute the burger.

Pictured below…







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