Hello Oregon!

FINALLY!   I’ve been wanting to go to Oregon REALLY BAD for about 2 years now, ever since moving to Colorado from Florida.  Now that I’m here, gotta grab the rental and GO!  My Garmin GPS kept getting me totally lost.  There would be a LEFT and a RIGHT and the Garmin would head straight.  Good thing I had my cellphone.  I bitch at my brothers for using too much DATA on our plan, so I try not to use it as well.  This was a LEGIT reason though.  One wrong turn on highway can lead to several “out of the way” miles on the road. Got to Megan’s.  Place was LEGIT!  She worked downstairs, so she would always come home for a quick “break”. I just hung around the apartment and was taking my new environment in.  Next morning I headed to the Columbia River Gorge area.  It was about 40 minutes away and I knew to use my cellphone until I got out of the city.  Once arrived, I got right to it.  Hiked the 2.8 mile trail to Angels Rest and then back.  Stunning views of the gorge area.  Really cool.  Mostly switchbacks on the trail with some heavy shale towards the top.  Super crowded. I remember using one of the hikers atop this peak in my photo.  Came out REALLY FREAKIN’ COOL!  Gave the photo great perspective. After that hike, got in the car, inhaled a Cliff Bar and some water and I was heading towards the coast BABYYYY!!  I was so excited to be going WEST on the interstate as I have never been.  Finally, got to Cannon Beach and HOLY S%%T.  There it was.  Never had I ever seen a beach that looked like this.  Also, NEVER needed a sweatshirt and sweatpants at the beaches I’ve been to before!  Crazy cold for a beach but the scenery was absolutely STUNNING! Drove back to Portland in the dark but didn’t care because it was a nice day on the ride out and I took the same route.

Next morning I headed south to Eugene to see Matt and Jessica. Matt and I planned on going to Crater Lake National Park.  I’m chasing those parks, 24/59 right now.  There was NO WAY it was within 5 hour drive and I wasn’t going.  He headed out without checking weather, which is unusual for me for sure.  But I was going, good weather or bad!  We later found out about 2 days after we left, it DUMPED about 2-3 feet of snow at the park.  Guess we just LUCKED OUT! We drove back to Eugene, grabbed some apps and a beer and that’s when it happened….MY FIRST VOODOO DONUTS!  Damn those things were good, I’m glad it lived up to the hype.  I had the Peanut Butter and Oreo. FIRE.

Heading back to Portland, the drive was much nicer than the foggy way south.  Once I got back to Megan’s apartment, I just chilled and watched some stuff on her DVR. We ending up getting some STUFFED chicken breasts with asparugus.  Super CHEAP from Fred Meyers, like $3 each, and grilled using the BADASS grill she had at her apartment complex. Oh yeah, Fred Meyers is LEGIT.  Like Publix, without the Publix subs.

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