Hostels: Snoring, Storage and Strangers

For me, I love hostels that have a HUGE locker so I could immediately lock up my photography gear and take a shower/explore!

After that, there are a couple things to consider:


2. Towel:  Did you bring one?  I didn’t and got stuck drying myself with a hand towel.  Not cool.  I’m 6’3.

3. Packaged sheets – Love these, you know there’re clean and feel much better grabbing them IN THE WRAPPER.

4.  Late Check In – Big for me since I try to squeeze all the time out of a day when traveling as possible.  Or I get lost because my phone died and I don’t know where the hostel is…like in Belgium.

5.  LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.  Often, I bounce around from hostel to hostel to get the vibe of that area. Never really stay in a hostel for more than a day.  I do lot of exploring, like 8-10 hours a day walking. When a hostel is close to my proposed sunrise/sunset spots, it definitely increases the chances I might book a night there. has a great map for this and helps ALOT!



Hostels I’ve stayed in by country:


Belgium2G04 hostel. 4/5, no bath towels!  $10 Euro deposit for sheets.  Unless your leaving before 7am.  Your welcome 😉


Netherlands – 1.  Meininger Hostel, 5/5.  This hostel looks more like a hotel and can get pricey on weekends if you BOOK 1 NIGHT. Like $80/90                               a night.  I paid $25 euro.  Great deal!  First hostel ever! Great place, centrally located right near train/bus station.  Get the 8 euro bus                               day pass to get into town from front desk!


Hostel in Sjokivik


2.  Hostel Amsterdam Center Stadsdoelen, Stayokay, 5/5.  HUGE LOCKERS! I had 2 backacks and tripod in there!                                              Windows that actually open. Clean.  There was 20 beds in the room but it didn’t get loud. Door opened 17,000 times,                                                            but hey, it was $18 euros!


20150412_164235                               20150412_164208

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