Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico

As soon as I got to Puerto Rico, I realized one thing…no cell service with Verizon.  Ok, this is an issue.  Not used to traveling abroad, let alone in another country that I do not speak the native language.  After using a few choice words, I waited in the long line for my rental car and was thinking to myself, dammit, should of put my credit card on file with the rental car company as others warned.  Got the car, upgrade for free ( love it ) and I was off!  Heading for Old San Juan, I felt more free than I have in a while.  Road signs in a different language and I’m using a map, what?  I wouldn’t know it at the time, but that was one of the best things.  Depending on the local people for directions and myself for the rest.  It proved I am very resourceful and that felt really good. I always do a lot of research on to make sure I’m hitting all the spots ( not just the ones on TripAdvisor ).


Ryan B.

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